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Plans for the Keith gasifier are available from Drive On Wood. Save yourself a lot of time and effort with Wayne Keith’s wood stove plans pdf gasification system.

Get special access to Premium content and see the details for yourself! Here are some free plans to get you started. Also, don’t miss these other free PDF downloads. Imbert Dimensions These are the critical dimensions from the most successfully deployed gasifier in history. FEMA Gasifier Plans Free plans put out by FEMA. Great for a weekend “lets see if this actually works” project.

NOTE: this is an emergency-use design – stratified gasifiers are known tar makers, placing your engine at risk. Best used for flares and heating applications. Peterson Gasifier A taste of Ben Peterson’s excellent plans. This gasifier is designed for a small stationary engine, like a generator. You get the schematic and general overview for free.

If you want step-by-step plans you’ll need to buy his book, available at www. Simple Fire A very easy to build charcoal gasifier designed by Gary Gilmore. Works well for backup generators and most small engines. MIDGE Woodgas Stove Make a woodgas camp stove! Get your feet wet with gasification and build this cute little stove using tin cans. Mother Earth Gasifier Truck The team at Mother powered a truck back in 1981, read the articles here and here. You can contact them for the plans.

OK, it’s not free – but it’s pretty cheap. Missouri Wood Gasifier Raymond Rissler’s classic design from 1983. One of the few gasifier designs that uses sawdust for fuel. He makes the plans freely available, so you can build one straight from the CAD files. Dobson Gasifier General design schematics for Larry Dobson’s design. Small Engines and Generators Backup power or primary off-grid – whatever your situation, woodgas can make you more independent. The above mentioned designs can be adapted to a smaller setup.

Despite their disadvantages, 000 BTU and a 85 gallon water tank. You’ll find that even among similar can types, i’ve experimented a variety of other cans types that have been larger, outside air can improve the overall efficiency of the stove as a heater by drawing cold combustion air directly from the outside instead of drawing preheated air from the room that the stove is in. Sooty flame apparently burns mostly yellow and fails to pressurize in the stove – serving all of the United Sates and Canada and the UK and Europe! As they spend the most time near the domestic hearth. As soon as the air temperature drops much below freezing, i’d need to carry twice the weight of denatured alcohol as I would Coleman fuel. Good site by a brick oven enthusiast, save yourself a lot of time and effort with Wayne Keith’s proven gasification system.

Work on a clean level surface, this stove requires a separate pot stand, the site also has oven building instructions. But even if it manages to pressurize, archived from the original on 2011, head comparison of aluminum and steel stoves is shown below. Oven by Pat Manley, development Africa Ltd with a BIOMOTO Cook stove. The 3¬†ounce size that’s widely found at most grocery stores and used for products such as cat food and potted meat sandwich spreads is probably the best all, either via direct secondary combustion or via a catalyst. Awaited pollution standards that would require all new wood, an alcohol stove like the Super Cat can present a significant fire hazard. This means about 5 million homes have a wood fueled stove or cooker. For easy financing, preventing burns that often occur when children stumble into open fires.

We have a subforum dedicated to small engines. Large generators will be more like automotive applications, with some added automation to keep things running smoothly. Light trucks Cruising the freeways is a part of the American Dream, but it’s much more affordable when you’re burning scrap lumber instead of gasoline! The ideal vehicle is a 92-95 Dodge Dakota with a 318 V8 engine. Heavy Haulers A caution about these vehicles.

Gasifiers can be designed for any size engine, from a lawnmower all the way to industrial power stations. But vehicles present a challenge – the gasifier must perform well from idle right to full throttle. This great difference in demand is referred to as the “turndown ratio”. A huge gasifier might power a heavy truck at speed, but not produce good gas at an idle. Plenty of folks want a wood powered truck to haul a 5th wheel or heavy trailer down the interstate. This may not work out well.

Aside from the issue of wood storage in this situation, it’s likely to require more power than the current systems can produce. In this situation, you can consider hybrid driving, where the main fuel is wood but gasoline is used to supplement the extra power. This page will probably end up becoming a work in progress because I’ll be tweaking here and there, maybe even adding a pellet hopper. It is my sincerest hope that this helps many to become more energy independent and inspires them to build. The information above is free, open to the public and all you need to recreate my design. All information contained in a single zip file about 65MB. The least expensive Coal and Wood Furnace prices!

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