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The European System of Financial Supervision was set up in November 2010 in the wake of the financial crisis following the recommendations of a group of high-level experts led by Jacques de Larosière. This system was created to venture capital term sheet pdf financial supervision, better protect European citizens and ultimately rebuild trust in the EU financial system.

What are the ESAs and what do they do? They also help to foster supervisory convergence among competent authorities and to enhance consumer and investor protection. Why are you proposing changes to the supervisory framework? The EU’s supervisory framework underwent a complete overhaul in the financial crisis, thanks to the establishment of the three European Supervisory Authorities for banking, capital markets and insurance and pensions, as well as the European Systemic Risk Board for the monitoring of macro-economic risks. Despite these important steps, the process of financial integration is a work in progress and needs to keep pace with developments both within the EU and at global level. Moreover, the Five Presidents’ Report highlighted that a single European capital markets supervisor will ultimately be necessary. Strengthening the powers of the ESAs is also included in the first set of priorities of the June 2017 Mid-term review of the Capital Markets Union Action Plan.

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To this end, the Commission is proposing to further strengthen and integrate EU financial market supervision. This requires a reinforced coordination role for all ESAs and new direct supervisory powers for ESMA. To make this work, the Commission is proposing to make the ESAs’ governance and funding fit for their new tasks. How did you come up with the proposal? How will these reforms foster more supervisory convergence?

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