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Learning about stage lighting sometimes seems a mystery to those who are just starting out. Lighting design and technology can seem like black magic with all it’s strange terminology and the costume technician’s handbook pdf. Learning all about stage lighting is best done in a variety of ways, not least hands on experience in theatres or concert venues.

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Here are five of the best books on stage lighting that have been chosen by On Stage Lighting as having their own unique qualities and would be useful to anyone wanting to learn more about the subject. These books have all played a part in the lighting education of the On Stage Lighting team at some time. Update 2012:  We are adding to this page and compiling a stage lighting reading list on this page, with some detail on specific good books in the subject area. If you have a particular favourite, please add it to comments with some detail about what you regard as good about the book. The original five are further down.

The most ubiquitous of all stage lighting basics books, relevant to learning lighting design for theatre using conventional fixtures. With updates to include modern equipment. Accessible and with additional DVD covering lighting design and systems. Higher Education students with little or no lighting knowledge. Nice and clear on the basics, visual with images and diagrams. Good explanations on the techniques for focusing a general area cover and producing lighting designs and paper communication. One of the most accessible available.