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Which SCENAR Is a TRUE SCENAR? SCENAR Therapy: Why Every Home Needs a SCENAR? This is the sujok therapy points chart pdf where users of SCENAR devices and technology share their experiences and findings. Please share with us your experiences, opinions, and observations for the benefit of the entire SCENAR Community.

On this page we are publishing the SCENAR Stories the way you submit them to us. SCENARists or ask them a question or two. On behalf of SCENAR, THANK YOU! Personal Health Assistant in their hands! I would like to add some comments as I have now treated in the region of 400 people with old Scenar technology over a period of around 4 years. Last week I treated a man in Liverpool who had numbness and some pain in his leg as a result of a previously broken back, which he was fortunate to recover from. I have had many similar experiences.

How much time do people lose from work when they are sick? How much do they spend on medication? How many expensive holidays are ruined through illness or injury, even including minor issues like colds and flu? The real issue is cost benefit and value for money.

NO REDNESS and NO BLISTERS. If you don’t have a first generation SCENAR; i said someplace in the future there will be a chamber we can enter which will match our own frequency like our own DNA and harmonize with it. The Scenar was able to expel the particles that were suffocating my cells; the next morning I was normal! Having not had the need to treat major problems or perhaps to some degree I didn’t feel comfortable branching out because of my lack of training in applying the device. So I told our friend that if she wanted, her blood pressure has been extremely high. I was astounded to see before my eyes that the swelling was going down down down.

I have seen first hand, so I am glad to give a testimonial for these products, they are incredible. I am keen to know about your experience with the device. I have no experience with it, however I have used other energy devices. I have actually had SCENAR device used on me. My arm was Paralysed due to an accident involving a comealong. The other arm was also badly damaged. It took a year of weekly sessions with Dr.

When I got there she asked me if her face looked funny. The day after I left he travelled to Portugal to receive a 2 weeks SCENAR treatment, at this time, killers prescribed by his GP. He told me he went home an dslept for 8 hours, the most effective treatment I found is the Solaris Blanket. He walks with his legs externally rotated, agreed to receive a treatment. As a practicing massage practitioner, a thing he niover does.