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All are very good collections for me, thanks lot. We are blessed to live in this age when we can have access to education and information fresh anywhere and anytime. That to me means humanity has hidden knowledge and wisdom that are yet to be explored. This access to information brings peace, justice and mercy to the world.

Hopefully we use it to make life greater for upcoming generations. General Knowledge Ancient World to First World War  Download Ancient India – History –  Download Aptitude Test by  R. Which day is celebrated as world Computer Literacy Day? Longhorn was the code name of ?

Who is known as the Human Computer of India? Which computer engineer got Nobel Prize for literature in 2003? Weaving The Web’ was written by. First Indian cinema released through internet is . What is the extension of PDF? Mows is a type of mouse for . What is the expansion of COBOL?

What is the expansion of SMS? Which IT company’s nickname is ‘ The Big Blue ‘ ? What is the full form of  IEEE? What is the expanded form of CMOS ? When was the first smart phone launched? Get daily job alert, placement paper and GK updates every day on your email. Govt Jobs and top MNC Jobs all over India.

The General Knowledge Questions with Answers on current affairs will help you get good scores in UPSC, we cover topics on National, this is the Place where you can practice the General Knowledge Questions with answers. So that you will come to know about the current happenings which give information related to the General Awareness part of IBPS Banking, we publish the relevant details based on the daily basis. There is always something happening around the world, based on these updates, what is the full form of  IEEE? Users can get the latest sports updates, this certainly tells the importance of current updates in Present days.

Please forward this error screen to 23. What is the ratio of the length and width of wear? If they want their President to resign, the resignation will which ones? 7 Ans: who created the plans. 0 ” Dalal Street “where is located? Ans: D what is the capital of Chhattisgarh state 10.

0 ” Jawahar Sagar dam is located on the river “what? India which State “sugar bowl” is known as? India’s oldest mountain range which is? Indus Ascension where is the site?