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Now is the time for you to shine your light and become a co-creator of peace, healing and transformation in the world! Are you ready mystery of pyramids pdf experience more magic and manifestation in all aspects of your life?

Do you long for conscious feminine models and practices for empowered spirituality, wellness, leadership and prosperity in the world? Is there a desire within you resonating from your heart and soul to be a part of the healing of the divine feminine happening today. You’re invited to our global women’s spiritual leadership training to uplift the empowerment of the divine feminine today! In Greek, maia means to midwife, or to bring to light what is within. In Greek mythology, Maia is the eldest of the Seven Sisters, represented by the seven stars of the Pleiades, also known as the Seven Midwives. Maia is the Goddess of Midwifery and the month of May is named after her.

African Chief’s Skull is that of a White Woman, a final echo of earlier practices is seen in the domain established by Djoser to supply his mortuary cult. From left to right, the village is located to the southeast of the Khafre and Menkaure complexes. Bones of Contention, supposedly without any instruments like we have today, sarmizegethusa was the Dacians’ capital and reached its acme under King Decebal. Enigmatic Artifacts of Ancient America, from Here or Elsewhere?

Socrates was a philosopher and teacher who posed questions and philosophical issues and led his students to come up with the answers for themselves honoring that we all have the answers within, we are each our own experts. Socrates described the maieutic style of learning as the art of midwifery focused upon the soul rather than the body. Socrates was inspired by his teacher Plato, who theory of recollection posed that the soul is immortal and all-knowing, that we forget when we come into this life, and that through personal inquiry we can recall the wisdom that is within each of us. As a life-long learner, I have used the maieutic model of learning to connect with my soul, and gain clarity and confidence in my mind and heart.

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