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Disruptions in banking are pushing banks to take more explicit strategy decisions. Many banks have recognized that they need a truly differentiated strategy as the industry’s economics have come under pressure from new technology and entrants with disruptive business models. As a result, more banks are making difficult strategic choices. Citibank and HSBC, for example, have decided to leave consumer banking in Brazil.

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Difficult as strategic choices may be, banks are finding it even more challenging to adapt their operating models quickly to a new strategy—indeed, it’s often the biggest obstacle to implementing a distinctive strategy. IT budgets to maintain legacy IT systems vs. One key choice with implications for the operating model involves where to compete on the value chain spectrum. Financial institutions pursuing a manufacturing-intensive strategy include Goldman Sachs, State Street and Black Rock. They aim to build world-class solutions for specific product needs and client segments, including other financial institutions. Succeeding through this model hinges on attaining large-scale product leadership and technological expertise.