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Please forward this error screen to 79. Can not find ir air compressor pdf in the manual or on the compressor it’s self. I got it for free at work. 175 psi, with a 5 hp 3450 RPM single phase motor and I believe the B5000 two stage pump.

I’ve looked on a couple of other sites and they say a B5900 pump will replace the B5000 are the cfm specs the same between pumps? Reason I’m asking is I have a Clarke portable blast pot and would like to add a small blast cabinet some day. There are no miracles in air compression. Flow whilst keeping your units straight.

Let me make a guess of 19 cfm at 125 psi. It’s not new but it wasn’t abused either. It seems the B5000 isn’t available any longer but can be replaced with a B5900. So these charts don’t relate directly to your machine, but the cfm vs rpm tables should be informative.

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