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Recently, we have been involved in mobile application development and testing. The below checklist ensures that both developers and testers have covered these high level ios mobile application development tutorial pdf during their requirements discussion, development and testing activities. Mobile application development and testing checklist also helps you refine your requirements to ensure that your scope of work is clearly defined.

Which mobile platform to develop for? OS and Android are the preferred platform for developing mobile applications. However, Blackberry is still used by several enterprise users and a significant population of the developing world still uses Symbian phones. It’s good to know upfront which platforms are expected to be supported. This Forbes article provides details on the current market share and forecast, based on mobile OS. Which version of iOS should I target?

What version of Android should I develop for? Does your application use any features introduced in a specific version of the OS? If so, you will want to mention this in your marketing material and also test it on the target OS. It is also good practice to prevent the application from being installed on OS versions that are not supported. The above image shows the usage statistics for different version of the Android and iOS. Google provides updated metrics for the version of Android being used across all android devices and information on how you can support multiple versions.

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Device Hardware Requirements Does your application have any specific hardware requirements like memory, camera, CPUs etc? As mentioned above, it’s best to prevent installation on unsupported devices programmatically when possible. Which screen resolution should I target? Make sure that your application looks good on your target screen resolution. Smartphones and tablets come in all shapes and sizes. A list of devices with screen resolution and display density is available on Wikipedia.

Google also provides statistics on the number of devices that have a particular physical screen size and density. Information on pixel count for various screen sizes and how you can support multiple screen sizes is also available. Should I develop another app for tablets? It’s good practice to use high quality graphics for large devices like tablets especially if your application or game is expected to be used on these devices. Irrespective of your implementation process, it’s good practice to test on both devices if you expect significant users on both.

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