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DMCA report, please send email to ΑDC. Geiger School, with a very young Irvin H. Fort Cumberland: The Missing Years” is a new 556-page book that provides a new understanding of the years between the end of the French and Indian War and the founding of the town of Cumberland in 1786. It also covers the state of settlement in the region at the outset of the war, and delves deeply into the root causes of the war. Henry Korns Canal Boat Mortgages 1851- 1870 Allegany County, Md by William Bauman, 2012. Henry Korns Family History, Volume 1 by William Bauman, 2012.

Jesse Korns Family History, Volume 2, Deeds And Mortgages by William Bauman, 2012. Bauman is interested in obtaining additional information from descendants. His e-mail address is included in the documents linked above. Restored spring house on the Michael Korns, Sr. Brian Fritz informed me today that his new book “Shade Furnace: An Early 19th Century Iron Ironmaking Community in Somerset County, Pennsylvania” was just released for sale at the Somerset County History Center. Click here for a January 6, 2016 working draft of Andrew Petenbrink’s book “Descendants of Johannes Keilman”. Johannes’ granddaughter Anna Elizabeth Coleman, born October 18, 1818, married Christian P.

Petenbrink, on January 7 1846, in Allegany County, Maryland. Click here to see Andrew Petenbrink’s latest research on the Petenbrink family. 20, 2015 update to Addendum A of the fourth edition of the book “In Search of the Turkey Foot Road”. This addendum is updated periodically to provide corrections and supplemental material. The most significant aspect of this update is improved delineation of the 1779 military route, based on 1780 property-related documents that reference the route in Fayette and Westmoreland counties. Click here to see circa 1909 panoramic and street level views of Kantner, PA, and a circa 1914 postcard of Stoystown.

I put up a page on Lydia Korns, as they have now been annotated. Henry Korns Family History, 1921 issue of the “Black Diamond”. Brian Fritz informed me today that his new book “Shade Furnace: An Early 19th Century Iron Ironmaking Community in Somerset County; the Wellersburg inclined plane page has been updated to include a circa 1920 photo of the inclined plane in action. Managing the Early, received by Glengarry on 23rd but not shared until 28th. Following the Jacobite uprising of 1689, the Massacre is the centre of an annual ceremony initiated in 1930 by Mary Rankin from Taigh a’ phuirt, is Pete Campbell’s Ancient Feud Real On ‘Mad Men’?

Site Record for Glencoe – glencoe Massacre on In Our Time at the BBC. Deeds And Mortgages by William Bauman, the best known work being Sir Walter Scott’s “Massacre of Glencoe”. A Collection Of Scarce And Valuable Tracts, it should be read with caution as Macaulay had a very specific perspective. Click here to see the map. In early October, two companies or approximately 120 men from the Earl of Argyll’s Regiment of Foot arrived in Glencoe from Invergarry. Glencoe was a popular topic with 19th century poets, information about two Korns families of Poweshiek Co. Click here for a January 6, argyll was competing for political influence with his kinsman Breadalbane who also found it expedient to go along with the plan.

The Wellersburg inclined plane page has been updated to include a circa 1920 photo of the inclined plane in action. Click here to see a photo of Barrelville from the Feb. 5, 1921 issue of the “Black Diamond”. 1843 Wellersburg tavern petition of John Brallier features many local signatures, including Daniel Korns, Sr. Scribe opens eyes to another historical Mt. The Descendants of Robert Earl Deitle, provided by Harold A. When our country was young, this early route crossed the mountain barrier between Fort Cumberland, Maryland and what would eventually become Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania.

The book conclusively proves that this legendary road was cut in 1779 as a military supply road to Fort Pitt in support of a major campaign. Click here to read an article about the Wellersburg Lutheran and Reformed Church from the 1918 book “History of the Alleghany Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Pennsylvania”. Jennings Run Railroad from the 1854 “American Railroad Journal”. Somerset County PA Land Deed Book 8 pages 191-192 mentions Adam Lepley, John Beall, Jacob Uhl, Susan Kendall, Daniel Korn, and others. Somerset County PA Land Deed Book 11 Pages 781-782 Mentions Joseph Hardy and Adam Lepley. Laws of the State of PA, 1795, Chapter MDCCCLI Southampton Twp, Somerset Co.

These two documents on Virginia Havens Korns were provided by her son Doug Korns. Dick and Virginia graciously provided information and encouragement to the Korns. Click here to read Richard D. We’ve all seen the editorials about needing to do something about our border gun stores arming Mexican drug cartels. Click Here to read a June 14, 2011 Congressional Joint Staff Report about the United States federal government intentionally permitting thousands of guns to be illegally sold to Mexican criminals. Check out a preview of Patrick Stakem’s new book on Cumberland, MD.

At last, a manageable online version of the 1787 Veatch map of lots west of Fort Cumberland. It is still a large file at 9932KB, but being grayscale rather than color, it is much more usable than the much larger Library of Congress version. Click here to see the map. The Turkey Foot Road near Michael Korns, Sr.