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I offer two compelling conversations book pdf services to my clients. They are related but slightly different.

I offer what I call Sessions. Sessions are live, two-way conversations via telephone. Clients share their circumstances and concerns, and I bring my astrological experience and expertise through the tools of natal charts and major transits. Together, we co-create the content of the session. I offer what I call Readings. Clients share their questions and concerns with me in writing via email before I do the reading, then I record my interpretion of their charts and major transits.

Sessions are interactive, and the content is shaped in part by what clients share in the conversations, while readings are more “pure” as astrological interpretations. Both sessions and readings are recorded as mp3 files, which clients then download from a private page on this site. Because of disabilities and diminished vitality from the stroke I suffered in 2007, I do fewer sessions per month now than earlier in my life, but working with clients remains the most important single activity of my life, the core of my sense of purpose, especially during the 2010s, where we stand at a crossroads between the past and the future. Before emailing me to request a session or reading, please read the respective FAQ page. If you live outside the U. Each page explains what prospective clients need to know, including the nature and content of each service, fees, what personal information I need, etc. Kevin, for all your work in getting the book out!

This is the same revised and expanded 2nd Edition that I offer here in an e-book PDF version, but in a classic hard-copy version in paperback. 95 and can be ordered online from Amazon or found at brick-and-mortar bookstores that carry serious astrology textbooks. Houses of the Horoscope at Amazon. To learn more about both my books, or to order the PDF versions available on site, click here. PDF files from the Essays Archive page.

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