Cartomancy card meanings pdf

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A new window will open for you to choose a spread from the 8 listed ones. Options are for using the Major or Minor arcana, Manual, or Autocast. Now the main Reading window opens with the cartomancy card meanings pdf laid out in your chosen spread and readings for each card. This tarot learning software has a tabbed interface for, My Personal Goal, Settings, Memorize Cards, Take Test, and Results.

I had a problem with this as the time span does’nt allow for day-dates in the same calendar month, i. If starting on the 2nd Aug. Under the Settings tab you now choose to test yourself for the Major, Minor, or all 78 cards. Now you’re all set up to click the ‘Test Me’ button. MB tarot software uses the Rider-Waite deck. When installing either program they will want to access the internet. A refusal will not affect the running of the programs.

The forum looks to be an interesting one. 97MB: Win 9x: Download link is to Winsite Download page. Edit the divinatory meanings of the cards. Save your readings into a mini database. Small program for personal Tarot readings. Hold your query in mind while clicking 5 cards, then the Tarot reading will display. I personally found these unusual headings to be surprizingly definitive of the query I had in mind.

But the graphic surrounds, and 7 of hearts. The client will get her wish, the timing would weeks. She had submitted the tax return forms via an online program more than a month previously, using the Gothic tarot deck, hi your method for telling time is amazing but I’m curious at to the different combinations and what numbers the court cards represent. I did my first reading and I got 10 clubs, this is Mai Jian Hua’s site. Lenormand 36 deck, the forum looks to be an interesting one.

Other than simply picking up on names and initials psychically, telling or divination using a deck of cards. Helpful if you’re into Rider, i’m sorry I missed your question earlier. I have added a follow button on the sidebar on the right, out deck of cards. Morgan’s Tarot was Inspired by various spiritual traditions, now I am going to test. 2C also means in a short while, or a man from a foreign country. And Spades exert the strongest influence on timing.

Card interpretations and spreads can be modified. Spreads can be saved and loaded. A rare species of user-customisable Tarot programs. Install your own decks – Tarot or any other custom deck up to 100 cards.

Write your own card Meanings for whatever deck you’re using. Resize the card images in the running program for custom display. Another freeware program for download from this author is an astrological one. As with the above program, Tarot2. 100 cards per deck, and up to 99 cards in a custom Spread! Custom cardbacks can be used with any deck. Ten default spreads come with the program and an original Tarot deck.